My Approach…

Within my practice I welcome adolescents, adults, couples and groups. I work with addictions, anxiety disorders, depression, couples communication, relationship challenges, infidelity, anger management, mood disorders, trauma , abuse, grief and self esteem issues.

My collaborative therapeutic approach is tailored to the specific needs of my clients, as opposed to a prescriptive pre-determined formula. I work with people with varied backgrounds and life experiences. Each client; be they a family, a couple or an individual is treated with respect and viewed as unique. My approach is positive, collaborative, compassionate and non-judgmental, and is aimed at supporting clients to explore, understand and to move towards different more desirable outcomes.

Treatment Options…

Treatment modalities utilized include: CBT – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, DBT Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, SBT Solution Based Therapy and ACT – Acceptance & Committment Therapy.

Traditional in-office sessions are offered, as well remote sessions (via Skype) for those who prefer to remain in the comfort of their homes or office.

The goal of therapy is to understand how we got where we are and to shift perspectives and behaviour in such a way that we are able to ultimately move forward in a new direction. Therapy and counselling can sometimes be difficult; but can also be tremendously rewarding. I strive to provide a supportive, safe, comfortable environment that allows clients to work towards their therapy goals.

As a Registered Psychotherapist (RP), a Master Practitioner of Clinical Counselling (MPCC) and an Adler Trained Executive Coach (ATC), I look forward to helping you to make your life and your relationships more workable and more fulfilling!

Insurance coverage under a supervised Registered Psychologist as well Registered Psychotherapist is available.